An app for sharing family moments securely and without downloading the media to the device
Be the first to be exposed to an app you can't live without

 Dear parents 
Are you tired of sending hundreds of photos and videos a month to countless WhatsApp groups?
Have you ever forget to send birthday photos to your aunty?
There is not enough storage for another video on your mom's phone?

Hey  we are  beya 
For the past year, we have been working on a fun app for sharing family moments that will make
 your life easier 

 So, how does it work? 
It's like Instagram mixed with Google Photos but not ;)

Your secured photos and videos are stored
 privately & secured 

All your pre-defined contacts can watch them  instantly 

{ yes, also your aunty}

The grandparents will constantly  participate  in your daily family moments

{without filling your mom's storage}


Your spouse will add photos and videos to your family album  instead of you 

{ no more double-sharing}
Be an early adaptor
once we are LIVE!
*Your Privacy is Our Policy